Hi! My name is Becky Williams, and I created my company because I love helping people.  Over 15 years ago I began my career as a recruiter in the staffing industry and quickly realized that candidates with cleanly formatted resumes that contained achievement driven language were much more likely to obtain an interview than those who wrote their resumes solely as a job description.  I started formatting and proofreading the resumes I submitted to my clients.  As a result, the number of people I was able to set up interviews with my clients began to increase immediately.  I learned how to write well written, and concise resumes that appeal to hiring managers.  I have reviewed thousands of resumes and profiles on LinkedIn. My experience as a recruiter taught me what companies look for and in-depth information about their hiring processes.  During my career, I also determined that job-seekers make way too many mistakes during the interview process since interviews are not something you do daily.  I quickly realized there was a need to coach each of my candidates on the interview process and I immediately began to improve my interview to hire ratio. My goal as a professional resume writer and interview coach is to assist you in your job search by writing a well-written resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile that increases your chance of being found by hiring managers and prepare you for the interview process.  I look forward to working with you.

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